High Voltage, Inc | High Voltage, Inc. Introduces New Tester For Measuring Concentric Neutral Integrity

High Voltage, Inc. introduces the new “The Best Method of Measuring Concentric Neutral Integrity vital to maintaining system stability, reliability, and safety”

The Ω-CHECK® Tester is a unique and very useful product. It injects an AC current through a live cable neutral and measures the voltage drop to calculate the resistance of the neutral to determine the level of deterioration: how many strands have opened due to corrosion. It is a vital tool for URD systems and to measure the resistance of substation ground cables.

For more information about the design and use of this product please visit our website or contact us by telephone or email: (518) 329-3275 or sales@hvinc.com

For more information contact:
High Voltage, Inc
31 County Rt. 7A
Copake New York 12516
United States
518 329-3275


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