| Universal web app for arc flash hazard analysis and labeling

ARCAD INC. is happy to announce the release of universal web app for arc flash hazard analysis and labeling.


+ A truly universal web app that can be accessed, operated and shared from anywhere, anytime, on any platform connected to the Internet
+ Use it individually or share with your trusted team while working on same or multiple projects at a time
+ Forget about software installation, system compatibility, data loss or virus threat issues
+ Access to most recent services, updates and the most competitive price in the industry
+ Total transparency including but not limited to no subscription, no hidden fees nor contracts policy


+ Perform arc flash calculations using new IEEE 1584 year 2018 guide procedure
+ Save, edit equipment input configurations
+ Perform analysis using metric, imperial units
+ Calculate initial arc blast explosion pressure and arc flash explosive equivalent
+ Add fuse and circuit breaker data including time-current characteristics for the devices that are not already listed in the built-in protection device library
+ Chart, save fuse tcc and breaker trip characteristics
+ Save calculation results, equipment configuration, units of measurement in JSON, text format
+ Customize, save, print arc flash warning label
+ Perform arc flash boundary calculations based on 1.2 cal/cm2 (5 Joules/cm2) onset energy to second degree burn for bare skin exposure per IEEE 1584 Guide and other incident energy levels as well, such as the rating of proposed personal protective equipment, or evaluated onset to second degree burn energy

Billing strategy:

+ Sign-up free of charge and explore all functions listed above with the exception of system voltage input limited to 208 Volt in free demo or expired version of the app
+ Purchase year long access to the app with the possibility of purchasing more than one year access in advance
+ Check billing status, get notified when your account is close to expiration
+ Check billing history

SIGN UP FREE today at app.arcadvisor.com and purchase your year long access to the resource today.

For more information contact:

310 Parkside Drive
Waterdown Ontario L0R2H0


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