| Salt River Project Engineering Team Delivers Customers a Triple Play of Savings, Service and Quality with the Southern States CapSwitcherŽ

Salt River Project (SRP), one of America’s largest public power utilities, has been utilizing Southern States’ CapSwitcher® solution to help maintain their initiative to meet the changing needs and expectations of its customers. This new strategy is centered around SRP’s dedication to becoming “leaner, greener and more customer centric.”

SRP’s professional electrical engineer, Andy Keels, discussed how the CapSwitcher® improves cost-effectiveness, reduces inrush current, optimizes power quality, and successfully addresses a noise concern from a neighborhood near an SRP substation. The full news release explains that in order to maintain growth and achieve the goal of adding an additional 1 GW of utility-scale solar power to their grid by 2025, Salt River Project will continue to rely on the CapSwitcher® solution.

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