| IRISS Announces Purchase of Safe-Connect and New Thermochromic Product Line

17 March 2022 Lakewood Ranch, Florida – IRISS, the world leader in electrical maintenance safety devices and reliability technologies, has purchased the UK-based company, Safe-Connect. The announcement comes just six months after the two companies started a strategic distribution partnership.

Safe-Connect’s award-winning products join the IRISS ecosystem of reliability products and technologies to increase asset monitoring and inspection capabilities further. The thermochromic components in these products cause a color change based on temperature ranges, providing 24/7 safety monitoring to give a predictive warning on overheated equipment. In addition, the permanent quality of the change highlights possible issues in straight and non-continuous load applications, protecting against electrical fire or equipment failure.

IRISS will keep the name “Safe-Connect” for the product line, including ThermoClips, ThermoWraps, ThermoSpots, and ThermoSpot-Bs. These products complement the patented polymer-based IR windows as a visual indicator between IR inspections, mitigating the risk of costly operational interruptions. Thememory-effect technology records overtemperature issues in low/medium/high/varying voltage equipment.

“We are excited to add the Safe-Connect range of products to our current electrical maintenance safety devices. The patented color-lock technology used in safe-connect products adds a unique dimension of protection to electrical asset management, giving both a visual and historical reference to cables and
switches that are currently in an over-temperature condition or may have gone over-temperature between inspections. We are also pleased that the management team from Safe-Connect UK have joined the IRISS family to aid a smooth transition of the existing products and assist in developing new product solutions to add to our EMSD product offerings”, said IRISS Founder/CEO Martin Robinson.

For companies that want to protect their workers and assets, this announcement brings access to cost-effective strategies and operational solutions to safeguard operations and workers. Contact the experts at IRISS for more product information or a free consultation on your electrical maintenance program by visiting IRISS.com.

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