CWIEME Americas | CWIEME Americas 2019 Delivers Value With Outstanding Visitor Quality

Exhibition and Conference Turnout Validates Investment in Event With New American Team Poised to Build on This Success for 2020

CWIEME Americas, North America’s only dedicated event for the supply chain of coil winding, electric motors, transformers and e-mobility closed its doors September 18 at DESCC Chicago following a successful exhibition and conference. The overall attendance turnout of 1,500 reflected a depth and breadth of attendees, comprising both an increase in senior decision makers along with many new attendees. 

Exhibitors were extremely pleased with the caliber of attendees and the resulting leads. 60% of attendees were first-time visitors, and more than 80% were from the United States. More importantly, 88% of visitors were buyers and influencers, resulting in a high degree of lead quality. Many of the more than 100 exhibitors have already booked space for CWIEME 2020, a ringing endorsement for the success of CWIEME Americas. Said exhibitor Craig Wire, a magnet wire manufacturer based in Douglasville, GA, “It was phenomenal. The show was more organized with more quality visitors – the right type and job title. We booked again straight away.”

Conference Program Topics Addressed North American Market Pulse and Drivers

Additionally, attendance at the CWIEME Central conference was exceptional, indicating the timely relevance of conference topics and the wide appeal of the industry professionals and thought leaders who presented. Key highlights of the conference program included the Opening Keynote Introduction focusing on the economic outlook and prospects for coil winding market drivers in North America. Presented by Donald R. Leavens, Vice President, and Chief Economist at NEMA, this talk delivered great in-depth market analysis and provided a heads up on market drivers. 

Conference sessions of note included:

- The E-Mobility Briefing, which focused on the future of U.S. EV adoption, technology and manufacturing and reviewed e-mobility from the angles of business, technology and policy

- Transformer Technology & Manufacturing Strategies for the US and Global Stage

- CWIEME Innovation Talks, which were great interactive sessions showcasing the latest innovations in multi-physics acoustic simulation and the design of ultra-high speed switched reluctance machines

Focus on Networking Proves Invaluable to Buyers and Suppliers

A key and unique feature of CWIEME Americas has been its emphasis on providing superior business value to attendees via a broad array of networking opportunities allowing buyers and suppliers to connect and build relationships. CWIEME Americas did not disappoint in this regard. Said exhibitor Nittoku America, Inc., “What makes CWIEME special is that we get to meet our customers big and small in person. We get that face-time 1-on-1 with them and it’s very valuable for us. That’s why we’ve come back to the show year after year.”

CWIEME Americas’ Opening Party was a great success, and kicked off the show in a relaxed atmosphere conducive to establishing connections that could be expanded upon in the networking lounge and at the many additional networking opportunities provided during the two-day event. The CWIEME Connect app proved its value by successfully connecting buyers and suppliers and promoted industry exchange already before the show kicked off. 

“We are delighted with the outcome of CWIEME Americas 2019 and look forward to building on this success in 2020. Our investments in CWIEME and the American market have paid off and made CWIEME into the must-attend event for the North American market”, said Rozana Noja, Portfolio Director Global CWIEME Series. “CWIEME Americas 2019 provided unmatched value for exhibitors and attendees in the form of an exhibition, technical conference and networking opportunities for suppliers and buyers – all co-located in one place over two days. We’ve already begun planning for CWIEME Americas 2020, where we will continue our emphasis on providing superior value for visitors and exhibitors”, she added.

“CWIEME Americas 2019 was an outstanding success which validated our hard work locally in listening to the American market and crafting an event dedicated to its unique needs”, said Jamie Reesby, new local Event Director for CWIEME Americas. “We implemented things that provided value to our attendees and exhibitors, notably, opportunities to directly connect buyers with suppliers. Our networking events, and our new CWIEME Connect app and the reintroduction of EV Trail were critical components in this. We’re excited to build on this networking success in 2020, where we’ll continue our emphasis on diverse networking opportunities and methods by introducing our customized “Meet the Buyer” program which brings buyers and suppliers together for 1-2-1 meetings and other formats”, she continued. 

CWIEME 2019 In Numbers:


• Over 1,500 visitors

• 60% of visitors were new

• 85% of visitors from the United States

• 88% of visitors were buyers and influencers

Main Industry Sectors Represented:

• Electrical & Electronic manufacturing

• Motor & Generator Manufacturing

• Automotive & E-Mobility

• Transformer Manufacturing

• Coil Manufacturing

• Aerospace/Aviation


• Over 100 exhibitors

• Visitors found all supply chain elements for coil winding, electric motors, transformers and e-mobility under one roof, as well as a free to attend conference, where technical developments and market developments impacting the Americas were discussed

Exhibitor Voices

Exhibitors were extremely pleased with the quality of attendees and many immediately booked for CWIEME 2020, underscoring the success of the show and supporting the investment made to specifically address the American market.

“CWIEME offers a great opportunity to engage with industry colleagues to stay on top of the latest developments. This is our industry’s SUPER BOWL, where the best and most capable show up to share their knowledge and experience for the betterment of the coil winding and motor community.” 

– Magnaproducts

“The new management did a really good job at bringing a lot of key players in. It seemed like everybody that came to the booth to talk were the people that I would seek out in the customer world. It’s been a nice spread of different markets, we have had some automotive, power industry, coil manufacturing, it’s been a really nice, diverse crowd that’s come through. I got more leads on day one than I did in three days at the last show. I think next year it will have to be a bigger booth for us.” – Megger

“The quality of the visitors was head-and-shoulders above what it was in 2017. The type of visitors was very high quality, there were many from upper management, from engineering and sourcing and procurement and overall, the quality was wonderful. The three things that excite us most about CWIEME Americas is the centralised location where all the high-quality buyers come to source new products, the relationships that are kept alive by face-to face meetings and the new products that are in the industry that we can see as we walk the show.” – Orchid Monroe

“At CWIEME Americas it is important for us to meet existing customers and perhaps to find new applications in the future. We think it is quite exciting to meet with the automotive industry over here in the mid-west, to have the automotive customers close that will be interested in E-motor manufacturing in the future, to see their progress and their intentions to do E-mobility in the future.” – CopperING

“CWIEME is a great opportunity to meet a wide variety of our customers, especially small customers; it may seem like you want to meet the biggest customer possible, but sometimes, because of budget, small customers can’t afford to travel everywhere, go to many different shows, so it’s a great hub for seeing small customers as well. We’ve seen a wide variety from small companies all the way up to big, major automotive manufacturers or component manufacturers so Nittoku has been very pleased with the quality of the people coming into the show.

What makes CWIEME special is that we get to meet our customers big and small in person. We get that face-time 1-on-1 with them and it’s very valuable for us. That’s why we’ve come back to the show year after year.”  – Nittoku America, Inc.




The world’s largest event dedicated to coil winding, electric motors, transformers and e-mobility.

For over 24 years, the CWIEME exhibition and conference has been at the forefront of the global electric motor, generator, transformer and EV market. This world-renowned event provides the largest platform to showcase the latest high-end products/solutions and thought-leaders focused on electric motors, transformers and generators (EMTG) technologies across three regions – EMEA, Asia and Americas.

CWIEME Americas is North America’s only dedicated event for the supply chain of coil winding, electric motors, transformers and e-mobility and the leading event for the supply chain of EMEA’s coil winding, electric motor, generator and transformer industry with a manufacturing volume of around 7.65bn dollars. Located in Chicago, CWIEME also plays a central role in showcasing the world’s largest range of components, materials, and technologies for automotive and e-mobility applications. CWIEME is a division of Hyve Group PLC.

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