Electric Motor Testing Training

TORONTO - Our 12-Hour Electric Motor Testing Training live online instructor-led course introduces students to the basics of on-line and off-line motor testing techniques.

September 10-11 , 2020 - 10:00 am - 4:30 pm ET

Our course teaches students the leading cause of motor failure. Electric motors fail. That is a certainty. And unexpectded motor failures cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars. Learn the techniques and obtain valuable information to detect motor problems prior to failure, avoiding costly downtime. This course focuses electric motor maintence professionals to achieve results from electrical motor testing that will optimize their plant and shop operations.

Our comprehensive Electric Motor Testing course emphasizes basic and advanced information about electric motor testing equipment and procedures. When completed, students will have the ability to learn electric motor testing techniques that results in increased electric motor reliability. This always leads to an increase in overall plant efficiency while at the same time decreasing costly motor repairs.

Students will also learn how to acquire motor test results that result in fact-based, proper motor maintenance management. Students will understand the reasons that electric motors fail and how to find problems quickly and return motors to service.



This course is designed to enable participants to:

  • Describe Various Equipment Used For Motor Testing And Maintenance.
  • Recognize The Cause And Source Of Electric Motor Problems.
  • Explain How To Solve Existing And Potential Motor Problems, Thereby Minimizing Equipment Disoperation And Process Downtime.
  • Analyze Types Of Motor Loads And Their Energy Efficiency Considerations.


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