Lightning Protection Systems Training

Register 3 Students at Full Price and Get 1 Registration FREE

Register 3 Students at Full Price and Get 1 Registration FREE

GENEVA, NY - The Electricity Forum has organized a Lightning Protection Systems Training Course this Fall. Our 12-Hour live online instructor-led course is focused at companies who own or maintain wireless communications and broadcast towers and their antennas.

September 24-25 , 2020 - 10:00 am - 4:30 pm ET

Lightning damage to equipment results in losses exceeding twenty-six billion dollars annually in North America, and nearly three times that worldwide with more than 150 strikes per second. Insurance payout resulting from lightning damage, accounts for approximately 6.5 per cent of all industrial, commercial and institutional property and casualty claims. Ironically, lightning damage to equipment can be all but totally prevented.

Special lightning protection systems prevent damage and are simple, very reliable, and inexpensive, particularly when compared to the cost of equipment repair and replacement, as well as the possible consequences of harm to personnel. However, methods for lightning special protection cannot be found in the code books, i.e.; Mational Electrical Code (NEC).

In less than 20 years, cellular mobile towers have proliferated on every continent, and are perfect lightning targets! To a lesser extent, AM, FM, and TV towers have also sprouted, sometimes sharing with cell systems. Not only are the towers at lightning risk, but also the cellular, broadcast, and communications antennas mounted on them. At risk too, are the attached cell site equipment, radio transmitters, coaxial cables, and tower light systems.

This Lightning Protection Systems Training course provides a general review of protection schemes and their impact on various industries. Strategies for mitigating damage and improving overall equipment performance are discussed.


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