Research shows that Ontario electricity customers want more choice and flexibility

TORONTO - Hydro One announced it is providing its customers with the flexibility to customize their account. Customers can choose their own billing due date, flatten usage spikes from temperature fluctuations through balanced billing, and monitor their electricity consumption by signing up for early high usage notifications.

Research shows that Ontario electricity customers want more choice and flexibility (CNW Group/Hydro One Inc.)
"Being in-tune with our customers' needs is more important than ever. As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, customers tell us that choice and flexibility will help them during this difficult time," said Jason Fitzsimmons, Chief Corporate Affairs and Customer Care Officer, Hydro One. "As a customer-driven organization, we have an important responsibility to support customers with relief, flexibility and choice."

According to recent research conducted by Angus Reid, 78 per cent of Ontario electricity customers said balanced billing would help them better manage their finances. Balanced billing flattens out the spikes in electricity usage that commonly occurs in the summer due to air conditioning use and in the winter due to heating.

The research also found that 72 per cent of customers would like to pick their own due date to better manage their finances. This feature is now included in Hydro One's new customization bundle, which will be shared with customers through an awareness campaign. Other customization tools include alerts when electricity usage falls outside of the customer's normal pattern, the ability to report outages online and the ability to receive text messages or emails when outages occur. Customers can visit to learn more.

"Customers can pick and choose the tools that work best for them. We are now able to offer a suite of features built for any lifestyle," said Fitzsimmons.

In addition to these customization options, Hydro One has also developed a number of customer support measures during COVID-19, including a Pandemic Relief Fund to offer payment flexibility and financial assistance to customers. The company is also extending its ban on residential electricity disconnections to ensure that no customer is disconnected at a time when support is needed most. More information about Hydro One's Pandemic Relief Program can be found at Customers can continue to contact Hydro One to determine individual payment plans and determine financial assistance programs available to meet their needs.


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