Down, Danger, Dial: Electrical Safety Tips to Help British Columbians Stay Safe During Storm Season

British Columbia, Canada - Hydro is reminding the public about the hazards of electricity and the importance of staying safe this winter.

Electrical equipment is more prone to damage during the fall and winter months when high winds and heavy rain can cause trees to fall on power lines and knock down power poles. If you come across a fallen power line, assume it is dangerous, stay at least 10 metres back – the length of a school bus – and dial 9-1-1.

Every fallen power line should be treated as an emergency. Safety is a key priority for BC Hydro and if a power line does fall, crews will work with emergency responders to ensure the area around the line is safe. This includes storm restoration efforts from power line technicians, wire guards, damage assessors and vegetation crews.

BC Hydro is also reminding British Columbians to use caution, stay 10 metres back and dial 9-1-1, if they come across:

  • a hanging power line,
  • a tree that has fallen on an electrical line,
  • a power pole with a broken crossarm,
  • a low-hanging power line close to the ground, or
  • a power pole leaning more than two metres.

Electrical equipment can be dangerous and people are injured or killed by electricity every year. For more information on electrical safety, visit

Source BC Hydro Media Releations


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