Stop messaging me about arc flash training

Too many electricians think they know it all. And that is a cause of accidents.

Too many electricians think they know it all. And that is a cause of accidents.

TORONTO - "Stop messaging me about arc flash training. It's a f****** joke. I'm a certified electrician I don't need to pay someone to tell me the dangers of my job."

That's what someone wrote to me yesterday when I sent my promotion about our upcoming arc flash training course, at

It’s a real glimpse into the thinking of many electrical professionals who think they are right, right up until the day they find out they are wrong. 

And it’s the kind of resistance professional electrical safety trainers face every day and an indication of the need for education.

We ask our students in class: Think of a time when you had a really close call, and ‘got away with it’. And In every class, we find our that every electrician in class has had at least one of those moments. Many electricians have been shocked or burned, and most electricians at least know a story of someone who ended up in the hospital. We know five electricians that have been burned in arc flash incidents over the years.

Electrical workers with that kind of thinking and who work uninjured, are lucky.

However, the best way to prevent thousands of arc flash accidents every year in North America is "Good Training", not "Good Luck!"

Every electrical professional needs electrical safety training. And every electrical worker needs retraining, every three years.

The Electricity Forum Training Institute has organized a series of arc flash training course in 2018 to review changes made to CSA Z462.

Here is more information about these courses.



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