Torino Power Solutions Receives FCC Certification For Its Power Line Monitoring System

Vancouver, BC - Vancouver, BC (Marketwired) - Torino Power Solutions Inc. is pleased to report that it has completed the FCC Certification of its Power Line Monitoring (PLM) system. The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) issued a grant of equipment authorization to Torino Power Solutions, Inc. to operate its Power Line Monitoring system within the specified frequency band. The equipment is certified under FCC part 15C.

Torino's real-time Power Line Monitoring system provides a major advance in enabling electric utilities to maximize the capacity of their power transmission lines. Without real-time information, utilities must use historical, ambient, or "static" temperature data to make their transmission capacity decisions and cannot react to local events and current weather conditions.

Rav Mlait, CEO of Torino commented, "This is an important milestone in the Company's commercialization of the Torino PLM system which gives the utility companies an important tool to manage their transmission line infrastructure, increase the transmission capacity and increase their bottom line."

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