AESO reports delays in Southern Alberta transmission project

- Three components of the Southern Alberta Transmission Reinforcement SATR are being temporarily delayed and Stage 3 of the project has been cancelled as a result of the Alberta Electric System Operator`s, or AESO’s ongoing monitoring of transmission system conditions.

The AESO is currently conducting transmission planning analysis related to other transmission facilities in southern Alberta that will interact with various components of SATR. As a result, the following three components have been delayed: Picture Butte to Etzikom Coulee, Goose Lake to Etzikom Coulee, and Etzikom Coulee to Whitla.

The AESO has also reviewed plans for Stage 3 of SATR, a transmission line connecting the Ware Junction substation to the Langdon substation, and has cancelled this portion of the project.

“SATR is still very much needed to alleviate transmission system constraints and integrate wind generation throughout southern Alberta,” says Jerry Mossing, Vice President, Transmission Planning and Performance. “The AESO’s analysis is intended to ensure that all transmission system developments in the southern region are properly coordinated and in-service dates are aligned with regional customer connection and overall transmission system needs.”

In particular, the AESO is examining how other transmission system facilities, such as the Eastern Alberta Transmission Line and Western Alberta Transmission Line, will interact with various components of SATR.

The AESO will apply to the Alberta Utilities Commission AUC for approval of this cancellation, and anticipates filing further information with the AUC regarding the three delays in 2014.


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