Three Mile Island operators take unit offline

Londonderry Township - - Operators at Three Mile Island Generating Station took the unit offline recently to make repairs to a heater element on the plant’s pressurizer tank. The repairs can only be done with the unit offline. TMI will return to service after the repairs, inspections and testing on the heater element are complete.

During the shutdown steam was released into the atmosphere, creating a loud noise heard by nearby residents.

“We are always closely monitoring plant systems and equipment as part of our daily operations,” said Rick Libra, TMI Site Vice President. “This maintenance work will help ensure that Three Mile Island operates safely and reliably for the long-term.”

Three Mile Island is located about 12 miles south of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The plant generates 852 megawatts of carbon free power - enough electricity for about 800,000 homes. Electric customers were not affected by the plant being off line.


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