Massive Panther Creek wind farm completed

BIG SPRING, TEXAS - E.ON Climate & Renewables (EC&R) North America officially announced the completion of its Panther Creek wind farm, located in Big Spring, Texas.

The Panther Creek complex is a three-phase project that consists of 305 turbines and is capable of generating 457.5 megawatts (MW) of electricity, making it one of the ten largest wind farms in the United States.

Phases I and II became operational in the first quarter 2009.

“The demand for clean energy is at an all-time high. EC&R is proud that the Panther Creek wind farm, as one of the largest in the country, will provide enough electricity to power 135,000 homes,” said Steve Trenholm, CEO, EC&R North America. “It takes great effort to bring projects of this scale online and EC&R is establishing a solid record of bringing large renewable projects to the market.”

General Electric manufactured all of the 1.5 MW wind turbines installed and D. H. Blattner constructed the site on behalf of E.ON Climate & Renewables. The three phases of the Panther Creek wind farm are located in West Texas, with a footprint spanning parts of Glassrock, Sterling and Howard counties. Tax revenues from the Panther Creek complex have helped fund significant local initiatives including scholarships, 4-H and youth sports programs at local schools.

“E.ON Climate & Renewables remains committed to the U.S. market and completion of Panther Creek and other 2009 projects have positioned us as one of the most active builders in the U.S.,” said Patrick Woodson, chief development officer, EC&R North America.


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