IEEE standard on hydro/wind credits coming

PISCATAWAY, NEW JERSEY - The IEEE has begun work on a standard that will help hydro- and wind-power projects calculate greenhouse gas (GHG) emission credits.

The standard, IEEE P1595, "Standard for Quantifying Greenhouse Gas Emission Credits from Small Hydro and Wind Power Projects, and for Grid Baseline Conditions," will establish an internationally acceptable basis for measuring, evaluating and quantifying the eligible, real, measurable, verifiable, and unique reduction in CO2 emissions attributable to the specific generation technologies of wind power and small hydro, for use in emissions trading systems.

In addition, the standard will help provide an answer to the generic question, how can one country or jurisdiction to a greenhouse gas emissions trade be assured and satisfied that it is getting real and true value for a purchased GHG emissions credit from another country or jurisdiction.

The standard will use Project Protocols for Wind Power; Small Hydro and Grid Baseline established by Natural Resources Canada as its seed documents.

IEEE P1595 is sponsored by the Energy Development & Power Generation committee of the IEEE Power & Energy Society.

In addition, the IEEE has approved a revision to IEEE 1613, "Standard Environmental and Testing Requirements for Communications Networking Devices Installed in Electric Power Substations." The standard was first published in 2003.


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