An EV for the daily commuter

- While the major car companies are focused on building hybrids, the Electric Car Co. is taking a different approach. The company reports it has designed and built what it believes is the perfect car for the daily commuter.

The E-CAR is 100 percent battery powered, no gas required.

It is designed with a combination of the most reliable proven technologies merged with their own state-of-the-art systems. One example is its new all electric power steering, with no hydraulic fluids, lines or pumps. And the heat/AC system is a unique compact electric powered unit, unlike the traditional system in other cars, the company states.

The motor controller is fully programmable with regenerative braking. The batteries available for this car range from standard lead to lithium, depending on the customer's needs. The E-CAR has been developed and tested over the past two years with no pre-announcements. It is now in production and available worldwide as of September 15, 2009.

For customers who don't already have access to wind or solar power at home, the Electric Car Co. says it can assist with information on how to recharge with 100 percent renewable energy. Renewable energy is free (except for the equipment), and the carbon footprint is zero. That is as green as it gets.

"We believe it is a step above all other electric cars in it's class," says Ron LaPlant, owner and CEO. "We designed the E-CAR to be the most stylish and comfortable electric car on the market. The body is all steel construction, with crash resistant bumpers, and numerous additional safety features not yet available on many low speed or medium speed electric vehicles. It has a plush, comfortable interior with many great features."

The Electric Car Company LLC is a privately held U.S. company with headquarters in the Mid-West. They design and distribute Zero Emissions vehicles and focus on eco-friendly technologies. The first E-CARS have been manufactured at our facility in Shan Dong, China, while additional capacity is planned for Farmington, Missouri.


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