Plasco to build waste conversion facility

RED DEER COUNTY, ALBERTA - Plasco Energy Group Inc. ("Plasco") of Ottawa will build, own and operate a waste conversion facility to serve the Central Waste Management Commission led by Red Deer County's Mayor, Earl Kinsella.

PlascoEnergy and CWMC signed a contract that will see a supply of 300 tonnes of waste per day converted into valuable products including over 15 megawatts of green electricity for use on the local distribution grid.

"We are extremely pleased to showcase Plasco's world leading environmental performance and energy generation in Red Deer County in Central Alberta," said Plasco's Executive Vice President Chris Gay. "After two years of diligent work by the CWMC, we are proud to be selected as the best solution for the conversion of waste."

"This has been a long time coming and is a real move forward for us in Central Alberta," commented Kinsella, Chair of the CWMC, "we are eliminating landfills, making the planet greener and it all works in rural Canada."

This project will be Plasco's first commercial facility, and largest to date. The facility will demonstrate how Plasco's conversion technology can bring green energy and sustainable waste management to rural communities.

Construction of the facility will begin after operation of Plasco's Trail Road facility in Ottawa has demonstrated energy efficiencies satisfactory to Plasco and environmental performance satisfactory to the Commission and all the required permits have been obtained. This is expected to start early in 2009.


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