Valleyview power plant opens a month ahead of schedule

CALGARY, ALBERTA - ATCO Power has completed construction of its new 45 MW clean natural gas fired power plant in Valleyview ahead of schedule, bolstering electricity supply in fast-growing northwestern Alberta.

Valleyview II recently went operational in early September, one month ahead of schedule.

Designed as a "peaking facility" to bolster provincial grid supply while providing quick access to additional power when needed, the 45 MW facility is capable of generating sufficient electricity to power more than 36,000 homes. Built within budget, it is 100% owned by ATCO Power.

"The new unit provides additional quick starting capacity to support Alberta's growing requirements," said Rick Brouwer, President, ATCO Power. "The Valleyview Generating Station facility contributes to grid stability in the Grande Prairie region and generates electricity required for continued economic growth."

Valleyview II is the 10th environmentally progressive power generating facility built by ATCO Power in the province since 1999. Since 1993, ATCO Power has constructed 15 independent power facilities worldwide with 3300 megawatts of new capacity while investing $1.7 billion in its share of the assets.

ATCO Power is a wholly owned subsidiary of Canadian Utilities Limited, part of the ATCO Group of companies. ATCO Power is a world-class developer, construction manager, owner and operator of technologically advanced independent power generation facilities.


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