Cleanfield turbine gets okay for testing

ANCASTER, ONTARIO - Cleanfield Energy Corp a subsidiary of Cleanfield Alternative Energy Inc. announces that it has signed a contract with the Wind Energy Institute of Canada (WEICan) to have its V3.5 wind turbine tested at the North Cape in Prince Edward Island as part of the Small Wind Turbine Certification.

The testing program exists to assist small wind manufacturers to certify their turbines by the Small Wind Certification Committee (SWCC).

WEICan and the SWCC will test the V3.5 for a period of twelve (12) months and will collect and analyze data from the tests according to IEC standard 61400-12 Power Performance Measurements of Electricity Producing Wind Turbines and the operational time periods as specified in IEC standard 61400-2 Design Requirements for Small Wind Turbines. The installation for the V3.5 wind turbine is scheduled to be completed by October 31.

"The independent third party testing being carried out by WEICan will be a tremendous opportunity to verify the V3.5's performance and efficiency. This will go a long way to demonstrating the viability of the turbine", said Cleanfield Energy President, Tony Verrelli.


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