Symbion Power awarded transmission project in Iraq

ERBIL, KURDISTAN - Symbion Power announced that it has been awarded the Aqra-Khabat 132kV electrical transmission and distribution project by the Ministry of Electricity of the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG).

The project is an extension of the Aqra-Dohuk substation that was recently completed by Symbion. Until this project was completed, there was no 132kV transmission to bridge the gap between the Dohuk and Erbil Governerates via the Aqra route. While the Dohuk to Aqra project provided much needed electricity to the villages of Aqra and closed the gap considerably, it did not fully bridge the line to Erbil.

Over the last few years, Symbion has been building extensive systems in partnership with local companies throughout Iraq, including 300 miles of 400kV and 132kV transmission line and eleven 132KV substations. Symbion is rated amongst the top ten U.S. firms in the Iraq reconstruction market.

In Iraq and other countries Symbion Power has developed a unique approach to meet labor needs. Symbion identifies local firms and people who have the basic skills to handle the work and then provides additional training. This is the approach they will take in Kurdistan.

The project is viewed by the KRG Ministry as one of the most important in the region since it will link Aqra to Erbil through a 4 bay extension of Aqra substation and 60km of overhead line where it will eventually terminate in Khabat in the Erbil Governerate.

“Symbion intends to invest heavily in the Kurdish region and will continue to work in the development of this important area and in the rest of Iraq," said Paul Hinks, Symbion Power CEO. "We have worked in Iraq in very difficult and traumatic times and we intend to remain here to participate in the reconstruction of the entire country. We have never been deterred by the adverse security situation and we consider the people of Iraq as our partners and our friends. I am very proud that I lead a US firm that has such excellent relations with the Iraqi people.”


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