Sunrise Solar negotiates for $30 million contract

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS - Sunrise Solar Corp. announced that it is in advanced negotiations for the design and installation of a $30 million solar project as part of a major foreign capital city reconstruction and renovation effort.

The intention is to provide 100% of the development’s electricity requirements from solar power sources. Once completed this project will be one of the world’s most “green” city centers.

“Our design proposal has been exceptionally well received and we believe that these negotiations will result in the contract being awarded to Sunrise Solar,” said Mr. Eddie Austin, Chairman and CEO of Sunrise Solar Corp. “This project will be a model of sustainable, green redevelopment for urban planners worldwide.”

While the design plan includes several proprietary elements from Sunrise Solar certain products and technologies will be acquired from other solar companies, such as First Solar, Kyocera, Sanyo, or Suntech.


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