Ontario review a ray of sunshine to industry

OTTAWA, ONTARIO - The Canadian Solar Industries Association is pleased with the direction announced by the Honourable George Smitherman, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure as it signals the provinceÂ’s commitment to the potential that the renewable energy industry can offer.

Smitherman has directed the Ontario Power Authority to review the portions of the provinceÂ’s Integrated Power Systems Plan related to the enhancement and acceleration of renewable energy potential within the next six months. The IPSP is currently under review in front of the Ontario Energy Board and it will set the provinceÂ’s energy agenda for the next 20 years.

“We are buoyed by Ontario’s effort and are confident the government will find the solar industry can do much to help build a new clean economy, green collar jobs, and as well as generate growth in areas of the province in need of economic stimulus,” said Elizabeth McDonald, CanSIA Executive Director.

CanSIA has been a very active participant in the OEB review of the provinceÂ’s IPSP. The Association is very pleased the Minister recognizes that solar represents an important element of OntarioÂ’s long-term energy supply mix.

“After months of intensive meetings and discussions, we see this as a very positive step and wish to congratulate Minister Smitherman and his team. CanSIA will continue to do all it can to highlight the benefits the solar industry can bring to the province. We believe this announcement is the right step towards ensuring stability and growth for the industry, its investors and the workforce in the province,” said McDonald.

The Canadian Solar Industries AssociationÂ’s mission is to develop a strong, efficient, ethical and professional Canadian solar industry, able to service an expanding domestic energy market, to provide innovative solar solutions to world energy problems, and to play a major role in promoting the transition to a solar energy future worldwide.


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