Russia to build nuclear plant in Kaliningrad

KALININGRAD, RUSSIA - Russia's nuclear energy monopoly Rosatom has agreed on the construction of a new power plant in Russia's European enclave of Kaliningrad, the company said.

Rosatom chief Sergei Kiriyenko inked the deal on August 27 for the construction of the plant about 120 km from the capital of the Baltic Sea exclave between Poland and Lithuania.

The plant will have two reactors with a total capacity of 2300 MW by the first stage of construction in 2015. When plans for the plant were announced in April, Kiriyenko highlighted the export potential of the project.

The Rosatom head also said the company was prepared to allow up to 49 per cent of the plant to be held by foreign investors. But the plan for a nuclear plant in the European enclave has provoked protests among neighbouring countries over environmental and safety concerns.


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