IESO praised for compliance with key reliability standards

TORONTO, ONTARIO - Ontario's Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) has been found fully compliant with 38 key electricity reliability standards and 168 reliability requirements monitored by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).

A regularly scheduled audit was conducted earlier this year by a team comprising observers from NERC and representatives from the Northeast Power Coordinating Council Inc. (NPCC), which has delegated authority for auditing compliance with NERC reliability standards in the northeast United States and Canada.

The audit team evaluated the IESO's compliance with reliability standards pertaining to a broad range of areas, including emergency preparedness; resource and demand balancing; interconnection reliability operations and coordination; and communications, among others.

Auditors performed a comprehensive review of the IESO's operations and found the company to be fully compliant with all applicable standards.

"There is a strong correlation between standards and reliable system performance, and our employees work tirelessly to ensure our operations are consistent with industry rules and regulations," said Paul Murphy, President and CEO of the IESO.

The NERC and the NPCC praised the IESO's cooperation and support during the audit, highlighting the IESO team's positive attitude and willingness to provide information.


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