Accent Energy introduces CleanClimate power

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Accent Energy puts its money where its mouth is to show support for Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg's PlaNYC energy initiative with the introduction of CleanClimate electricity.

In a bold move, Accent purchased Renewable Energy Certificates to offset its customers' current and future electricity consumption and did not pass this added cost on to the customer. Accent's base electricity offering now contains twice as much renewable energy as does those of Con Edison and National Grid.

New Yorkers can now support New York's PlaNYC and the development of renewable energy simply by purchasing Accent's base electricity offering.

"As one of New York's largest ESCOs, we wanted to make a strong statement about our support for New York and Mayor Bloomberg's PlaNYC. Our CleanClimate electricity enables New Yorkers to do their part to help New York lessen its carbon footprint without the additional cost associated with purchasing green power," said Lance Schneier, Chairman and CEO.

"We are committed to giving our customers more value for their energy dollar and providing cleaner electricity is just one more way we can help New York and help our customers."

In addition to its base electricity, Accent's CleanClimate offering also includes the option to purchase green power in the New York Con Edison market. Accent's two green power products are GoGreen, which is 100% New York-produced hydroelectric power and GoGreen Premium which is 100% produced wind power. The cost for both options is the same, enabling New Yorkers to choose which is most important to them - New York produced or 100% wind.

"With Accent's CleanClimate electricity offerings every customer is promoting the support of renewable energy regardless of which electricity product they choose," said Schneier. "And promoting energy choice for New Yorkers is what we are focused on every day."

New Yorkers can sign-up for one of Accent's CleanClimate electricity options online at or by calling 800.928.7775.


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