FLIR Technology Solutions Will Help Refineries and Utilities Reduce Risk of Explosions, Fines, Global Warming

BURLINGTON, ONTARIO - FLIR Systems, Inc., the global leader in infrared cameras, announced the Canadian Fugitive Emissions Conference at the RimRock Inn, Banff, Alberta November 1st and 2nd, 2007.

FLIR Systems Ltd will bring together industry experts and governmental bodies to provide case studies and industry direction on volatile organic compound (VOC) detection.

Representatives from PetroCanada, Energy Utilities Board, C5 Oilfield, Boreal Laser and Envirotech will demonstrate the cost and environmental savings they have achieved immediately in gas pipelines, refineries and transfer stations.

Learn more about utility and manufacturing emission success stories such as transmission and distribution and steel production. In addition to the technical success stories, FLIR is offering clinics in GasFindIR camera usage, report generation and infrared program development, as well as, round table discussions on industry-relevant topics.

“I am delighted that FLIR has the opportunity to provide an environment for the utility and oil and gas sector to share the successes in identifying and reducing greenhouse gases,” said Greg Bork, president FLIR Systems Canada.


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