Newmarket to demonstrate solar rooftop product

NEWMARKET, ONTARIO - Atlantic Wind & Solar Inc. (AWSL) is pleased to announce that it is proceeding immediately with the installation of two, side-by-side, 6 kw solar PV systems on a single rooftop location in Newmarket.

The two systems will be identical in all respects except for the critically important Conversion/Inversion Technology (CIT) that determines the efficiency of any solar PV system. This Field Test comparison will use AWSL's proprietary CIT (developed by its Canadian subsidiary Hybridyne) for one of the 6 kw arrays while the other array will use a leading solar competitor's CIT.

The tests will be performed over a duration of one full year, during which time multiple competitor CITs will be utilized, in order for the testing to be broad based across a spectrum of the competition. The results will be subject to third party verification by at least two qualified, independent sources.

Atlantic Wind & Solar management and Hybridyne's R&D team enthusiastically await the results of this CIT comparison, and are confident that the project will demonstrate the clear superiority of the Company's CIT, given that comprehensive prototype testing has shown it to be up to 29% more efficient at capturing electrical energy from solar over conventional CIT technology. The power from each separate array will be sold into the Ontario Hydro Grid for the next 20 years, generating revenues for AWSL. Electricity from each array will be metered independently confirming which CIT is most efficient at producing energy from solar.

"When and if this comparison test demonstrates a clear advantage to using AWSL's leading edge CIT technology in solar energy systems - and management certainly anticipates that the results will be unequivocally in favor of its technology - AWSL will enjoy a considerable marketing advantage as it accelerates its introduction of the technology both domestically and internationally."


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