Signatech backs EPRI asset intelligence planning

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA - Owners and operators of electric utilities are demanding more efficient operation and effective maintenance to assist in achieving lower production costs, reduced emissions, and improved availability. At the same time, equipment is aging, the workforce is constrained in terms of availability and experience, and maintenance dollars must be used efficiently.

Signatech Systems has signed an agreement to assist EPRI and its member utilities to develop requirements to implement fleet-wide monitoring that leverages advances in sensor technologies, communications and data mining software for more reliable asset management and plant operations.

The work will demonstrate the benefits of advanced data management technology, establish methods and criteria for assessing cost-benefit of enterprise-wide implementation, and collaborate with member utilities to integrate effectively with operations, maintenance, and engineering, including technology implementation and organizational requirements.

Upon successful completion of a full-scale implementation, member utilities are expected to realize improved safety, improved situational awareness during all phases of operations, improved reliability, lower emissions and improved performance.


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