Smart Strip eliminates vampire power

TORONTO, ONTARIO - Woods Industries Canada Inc. announces the launch of the Eco-Logical Smart Strip; a surge protector that not only protects your electronics from damaging power surges but also eliminates "vampire" or "phantom" power.

"Vampire" power refers to the energy consumed by electronic equipment when they are in standby or off mode. In Canadian households alone, the amount of vampire power used annually is estimated to be approximately 5.4 billion kilowatt hours or $440 million.

The Smart Strip is as easy to use as any regular Surge Protector and will quickly pay for itself in energy savings, continually saving electricity and money for years to come.

When devices such as computers and televisions are plugged into the 'Control Outlet' and is in "standby" or "off" mode, the Smart Strip automatically eliminates power consumption to the peripherals (i.e. monitors, printers and speakers) that are connected to the 'Controlled Outlets.' This can add up to approximately $35 annually in energy savings per Canadian household.

Available in either seven or ten outlet models, Smart Strip includes two or three 'Always-On' outlets to be used for equipment that should not be turned off such as fax machines, cordless phones, and satellite receivers. It is great for both computer and entertainment equipment.

The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) supports this type of product and is offering a $5 consumer rebate in Ontario this Fall as the Smart Strip launches. This makes saving money and going green that much easier.

The Smart Strip is available at the following major Canadian retailers: Home Hardware, Rona, Tru-Serv, Wal-Mart, Zellers, as well as other fine retail outlets.


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