Maryland regulators press PJM interconnection on brownouts

MARYLAND - Maryland utility regulators want the regionÂ’s electric grid operator to brief them and other states that may face energy shortfalls in three years.

The Maryland Public Service Commission, which oversees utility regulation, requested Terry Boston, president and chief executive for PJM Interconnection LLC, hold a reliability summit “as soon as possible.” State regulators say Maryland could face brownouts by 2011 or 2012.

The PSC said the meetings should update leaders on the expected region-wide shortages, what states like Maryland could face, and what steps PJM is taking to mitigate the reliability issues.

“Taking control of our electricity future requires us not only to pursue additional capacity in Maryland, as we already are, but also to work together with other affected states and PJM,” said PSC Chairman Douglas Nazarian.

The PSC held its own hearings Oct. 3 on the stateÂ’s power reliability and potential for new power generation. The hearing included testimony from electric companies with business in Maryland including Baltimore Gas & Electric, PEPCO, and Delmarva Power & Light Co.; generators and wholesale energy suppliers including Mirant Mid-Atlantic LLC and CPV Maryland LLC; large industrial customers like Severstal Sparrows Point; retail suppliers; state energy agencies; and the Office of the PeopleÂ’s Counsel, which represents ratepayers.


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