Voith Siemens' opens new workshop in Shanghai

SHANGHAI, CHINA - The inauguration ceremony for the new electrical workshop of Voith Siemens Hydro Power Equipment Shanghai Limited was held at its Minhang production base in Shanghai recently.

The new workshop is located to the east of its existing workshops, occupying 3,500 square meters, and will be used mainly to produce parts such as poles and winding bars for generators. The operation of the workshop demonstrates that the production expansion project that started in December 2006 is officially completed.

The expanded workshop is capable of producing large-sized turbine-generating units with capacities of over 700 megawatts. With the adoption of Voith Siemens's advanced vacuum-pressurized-infusing technology for stator winding bars, the workshop could help supply large-size, high-quality generators for the hydropower market of China. In addition, the workshop is also furnished with a series of key equipment such as a winding bar automatic wrapping machine, press, forming machine, and high-voltage tester, which are aimed at improving production efficiency and ensuring product quality.

Infrastructure construction in the hydropower sector has been in swift development in China. According to the Renewable Energy Development Plan issued by the National Development and Reform Commission in March, China will continue to improve its proportion of renewable energy in its energy supply. It's expected that the total installed capacity of hydropower in China will reach 190 million kilowatts in 2010 and 300 million kilowatts in 2020.


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