Lakeland to deploy more solar per customer than anyone else

LAKELAND, FLORIDA - Lakeland Electric and SunEdison, North AmericaÂ’s largest solar energy services provider, announced a public-private partnership to deploy 24 megawatts of solar. The program will be the largest utility-sponsored photovoltaic (PV) solar program per metered customer in the United States to date, averaging 214 watts per meter among Lakeland ElectricÂ’s approximately 112,000 customers.

Under the agreement, SunEdison will provide utility-scale solar energy services to Lakeland Electric. SunEdison will finance, build, own, operate, monitor and maintain photovoltaic solar energy systems for Lakeland Electric, which then avoids all upfront capital equipment costs.

The full 24 MW of solar capacity will include ground-mount and rooftop systems throughout Lakeland ElectricÂ’s service area.

Over 20 years, 24 MW of solar capacity is estimated to produce enough zero-emission solar electricity to offset more than 813 million pounds of carbon dioxide produced by traditional energy sources. This is the equivalent of removing almost 80,000 cars from U.S. roadways.

“Environmental stewardship is important to our community, to Lakeland city leadership and to Lakeland Electric. It is vital that every utility consider carefully how to meet customers’ increasing needs for electricity and do it in a way that is fiscally and environmentally prudent. Deploying utility-scale solar with no upfront costs is a win-win for Lakeland. We are pleased to be working with SunEdison on this innovative program,” noted Jim Stanfield, General Manager for Lakeland Electric.

“Lakeland Electric is taking a strong leadership position in the utility industry and showing how solar can be incorporated into electricity services. SunEdison is proud to be working with Lakeland Electric to meet their customers’ desire for clean solar electricity,” noted Brian Jacolick, GM, Americas of SunEdison.


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