OEB proposes code amendments to address farm stray voltage

TORONTO, ONTARIO - The Ontario Energy Board (the "Board") released a Notice of Proposal, asking for written comment on proposed amendments to the Distribution System Code (the "Code") regarding measures to address farm stray voltage.

Release of the proposed amendments follows extensive consultations with electricity distributors, members of the farming community and other stakeholders.

The proposed amendments contemplate implementation of a number of measures, including:

• Distributors must investigate farm stray voltage complaints using professionally qualified persons, and they must follow a specified investigation procedure;

• Where a distribution system is found to contribute to stray voltage on a farm in excess of a specified threshold, the distributor must takes steps to reduce stray voltage to acceptable pre-set levels; and

• Distributors serving livestock farm customers must prepare and make available a farm stray voltage "customer response procedure" that sets out the process for responding to farm stray voltage inquiries and complaints from customers.

All interested parties are invited to submit written comments on the proposed amendments to the Code by December 5.


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