Ventyx to upgrade AEP with latest version of Asset Suite

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - Ventyx, the world's largest private software provider to the energy and utility industry, today announced that American Electric Power, the largest electricity generator in the United States, has committed to upgrade their enterprise-wide work management and supply chain systems to the latest version of Asset Suite from Ventyx.

AEP is one of the largest electric utilities in the United States, with more than 5 million customers linked to AEP's 11-state electricity transmission and distribution grid. AEP has been a user of Ventyx solutions for years, but chose to perform a highly competitive and extensive evaluation process to ensure they were selecting the optimum solution for their future needs.

The selection process concluded with not only a recommitment to Asset Suite, but an expansion of its use as the enterprise asset management system within the corporation.

AEP will be using Asset Suite for supply chain functions including materials and procurement management across the enterprise, as well as for asset and work management for nuclear and fossil generation and transmission, and for partial replacement of their project management system used for major construction and retrofit projects.

"Ventyx has aggressively invested in our product suites, and we are obviously delighted that AEP has selected Ventyx as their go forward enterprise asset management solution," said Ventyx President and CEO Vince Burkett. "Ventyx has earned a solid track record of proven performance in the Tier 1 utility marketplace, as evidenced by our unique ability to meet AEP's needs for a solution that covers their generation fleet, transmission network and integrated supply chain.

"AEP, their customer base and shareholders will benefit from the application of enhanced functionality and technology to reduce operating costs, extend asset life and improve asset availability."

By standardizing on Asset Suite, companies like AEP can benefit from the economies of scale enabled by the software. Asset Suite is the only comprehensive asset management solution that enables the deployment of best practices standardization across an entire organization, enabling efficiencies far beyond those achievable by a single site.


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