OEB seeks comment

TORONTO, ONTARIO - The Ontario Energy Board is seeking comment on the issues which are proposed to be heard in the review of the Ontario Power Authority's (OPA) Integrated Power System Plan (IPSP).

The IPSP notice published by the OPA today at the Board's direction also includes information about how the public will be able to participate in the first of two phases in the Board's review of the OPA's application.

In phase 1, the Board will develop an issues list for its review of the IPSP and procurement processes, to determine which issues will be addressed at the subsequent hearing in phase 2. Parties wishing to comment on the proposed issues list must provide their comments in writing to the Board within 30 days of the last date of publication of the notice. The Board will hear oral submissions on the issues at a later date in phase 1 of its review of the application.

When the Board receives an application, it directs the applicant to publish notice of the application and provide public access to the application and supporting documents. The Board has directed the OPA to publish a notice for phase 1. The notice will appear in newspapers throughout the province starting today. In addition, the OPA will serve a copy of the notice, the application, the evidence and any amendments, in addition to the proposed issues list, on the Band office of all of the First Nations in the province.


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