Maine regulator able to invest in transmission & generation

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia -- - Emera Inc. is pleased to announce that on October 9, 2014, the Maine Public Utilities Commission MPUC issued its written decision reinstating its approval of Emera’s investment in Northeast Wind Partners and its investment in Algonquin Power & Utilities Corporation.

Emera has invested more than $1 billion dollars in the State of Maine. The MPUC’s decision provides confirmation of Emera’s ability to pursue future investments in Maine.

“We appreciate the clarity provided by the Commission and respect its decision, and the accompanying conditions,” said Chris Huskilson, President and CEO, Emera Inc. “The MPUC’s approval allows us to continue to invest in existing and developing clean energy projects in Maine.”

Emera has invested a total of $225 million in Northeast Wind Partners. The partnership, which is a joint venture with First Wind, includes 419 MW of operating wind projects. The partnership was originally approved in 2012, but subsequently appealed. The Maine Supreme Court asked the MPUC to reapply the law in accordance with a test established by the Court. [The recent] written decision confirms the approval.


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