WWF aims for 600,000 electric vehicles in Canada by 2020

- Recently, WWF-Canada World Wildlife Fund announced the launch of Transportation rEVolution, a program aimed at reducing Canada’s greenhouse gas GHG emissions from transportation by encouraging the use of electric vehicles EVs.

A recent Environics study commissioned by WWF-Canada showed that while Canadians overwhelmingly support EVs 73 percent support government actions to promote electric cars they are unclear on the environmental value of EVs. The research found that just 26 percent of Canadians strongly agree that vehicle emissions in Canada are a major source of climate change, and 36 percent of Canadians are unsure about the impact of an EV on reducing a household’s GHG emissions. WWF’s Transportation rEVevolution program is expected to provide information to help Canadians make informed decisions about their transportation choices.

Based on modeling completed in WWF’s “Greenhouse Gas Reduction Potential of Electric Vehicles: 2025 Outlook Report”, WWF has set a target of 600,000 EVs--accounting for 10 percent of vehicle sales--on Canada’s roads by 2020. To achieve this goal, WWF will work with governments, businesses and individuals to:

-- Highlight environmental benefits of EVs support improved access to EVs and EV infrastructure

-- Achieve competitive pricing with conventional vehicles expand travel freedom for EV users with infrastructure and travel partnership options provide Canadians with positive EV information and experiences

Electric vehicles are part of a suite of sustainable transportation options necessary to reduce GHG emissions, including improved public transportation and urban design, as well as a shift to increased walking and cycling.

“Emissions from transportation are one of the biggest contributors to climate change, in Canada and around the world,” says Josh Laughren, Director, Climate and Energy Program, WWF-Canada. “Switching from gas-powered to electric vehicles is a critical part of building a sustainable transportation future.”


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