Ottawa funds dam modernization project

EDMUNDSTON - - Edmundston Energy is getting a boost of up to $2 million from the federal government for the municipal power utility's hydro dam modernization project.

Bernard Valcourt, Minister of State for the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, announced yesterday that the Madawaska Hydrodam Modernization project will receive up to $2 million through Ottawa's "ecoENERGY for renewable power" program.

"This clean energy project at the Madawaska hydro dam is helping to create high-quality jobs and a sustainable energy source for New Brunswick's future," Valcourt said in a statement.

The Madawaska hydro dam, operated by Edmundston Energy, is a 4.05 megawatt hydroelectric system commissioned last March to replace an old hydro plant built in 1917.

The project is expected to generate about 20 gigawatt hours of electricity a year that will be used by Edmundston Energy to power about 1,625 homes.

Last year, the New Brunswick government kicked in $1 million for the hydro dam project, which is expected to cut 14,800 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually.


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