Minnesota to get $40 million wind farm

GRANT COUNTY, MINNESOTA - Community wind power company Juhl Wind Inc. and its Suzlon Wind Energy Co. partners announced the start of construction on a $40 million wind farm in Minnesota.

Minnesota's Juhl Wind said it launched the construction of the Grant County wind farm project near Hoffman, Minn.

The project uses 10 of the S88 wind turbines built by Suzlon Wind Energy Co. The wind farm will generate enough electricity to meet the annual energy needs for as many as 7,000 homes in the area.

"Currently, community-run projects are rare in the U.S., but the Grant County project is proof that renewable energy can be actualized in a variety of ways," said Andy Cukurs, chief executive officer at Suzlon Wind Energy Co.

Northern States Power utility will purchase the electricity generated at the Grand County wind farm. It joins the existing 45 megawatts established currently by the Otter Tail Power Co., a regional company utilizing renewables for more than 10 percent of its capacity.

Juhl Wind said it expects projection construction to finish during the first quarter of 2010, weather permitting.


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