IEEE to develop, revise shipboard systems standards

PISCATAWAY, NEW JERSEY - The IEEE has approved work to begin on several new and revised standards related to shipboard electrical systems.

As part of the ongoing revision to the IEEE 45 family of standards, work will begin on a new project, IEEE P45.7, "Recommended Practice for Electrical Installations on Shipboard - Switchboards."

This the seventh new project to supplement the core IEEE 45 standard.

Work on projects 45.1 through 45.6 began last year.

This latest project will establish design, installation and testing recommendations for generator control panels and switchboards on ship These recommendations will reflect the present-day technologies, engineering methods, and engineering practices.

In addition, IEEE has approved work to now begin on a revision to the umbrella standard, IEEE P45 itself, "Recommended Practice for Electrical Installations on Ships." The recommendations from this standard establish the minimally acceptable guidelines for the design, selection, and installation of systems and equipment aboard marine vessels applying electrical apparatus for power, propulsion, steering, navigation, lighting, and communications.

IEEE has also approved work to begin on another shipboard electrical standard, IEC/IEEE P60092-510, "Electrical Installations in Ships - Part 510: High Voltage Shore Connection Systems (HVSC)."

The project is jointly sponsored by IEEE and the IEC/ISO. The standard, which supports the theme of "any ship, any port," describes high-voltage shore connection (HVSC) systems, on board the ship and on shore, to supply the ship with electrical power from shore during the port lay period.

Finally, IEEE has approved work to begin on IEEE P1668, "Recommended Practice for Voltage Sag and Interruption Ride-Through Testing for End Use Electrical Equipment Less than 1,000 Volts."

This non-industry-specific recommended practice examines voltage sag ride-through performance and compliance testing for all electrical and electronic equipment connected to low voltage power systems that can experience malfunction or shutdown as a result of reductions in supply voltage lasting less than one minute.


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