Website with powerful outage mapping system launched

TORONTO, ONTARIO - A powerful new outage mapping system is now available on the site for customers and media. This state-of-the-art mapping technology provides a clearer picture of the status of Hydro One's power system.

With the click of a mouse and zoom-in and zoom-out capability, people can now pinpoint with a greater degree of accuracy the location of an outage; the number of customers affected; and the current estimated time of power restoration. People will now also be able to track an outage by typing in a street address or city.

In addition to these improved features, a hard-hat icon will appear on the map indicating that a Hydro One crew has been dispatched to undertake power restoration work or to conduct work in support of improved power reliability.

To access the new mapping system, click-on the Power Outages Map on the Hydro One homepage at


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