Helix Wind to power California cell towers

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - Helix Wind Corp., a global renewable energy company, announced it will begin a technology demonstration and test of two small wind turbines to power cell phone towers in Southern California. The turbines will be installed by early 2010 and the test will run for one to three months.

In addition to powering the towers, the test will explore the feasibility of selling power back to the electrical grid under a Power Purchase Agreement. In association with Core Communications Group on behalf of its tower company client, Vertical Green, the test will represent one of the first grid-connected cell sites powered by renewable energy in Southern California.

This market segment is of great interest to Helix. There are approximately 3,500 cell phone towers in Southern California, and due to the continued expansion of broadband wireless, the data volume of which has doubled in the past three years, an additional 1,000 to 1,200 towers should be brought on line over the next five years.

“Helix remains committed to developing innovative solutions that can power cell phone towers with wind power,” noted Ian Gardner, Helix Wind CEO. “We are actively pursuing opportunities in this space, and are excited to be working with Core Communications on a test so close to home. Even grid connected cell phone towers can benefit from renewable energy, and wind power can dramatically reduce the emissions and carbon footprint associated with them. Under the right conditions, the towers may even be able to produce surplus energy, providing an additional revenue stream to tower owners. We look forward to getting started on the test.”

Keith Pinter, chairman of Core Communications Group, said, “Working with industry thought-leader Helix has been a pleasure, and we are anxiously awaiting the start of the tower testing phase. In addition to the turbines themselves, we’re looking forward to input from Helix related to power delivered, per-kW economics and the various renewable energy incentives available to our company.”

“Core Communications is committed to reducing the total cost of ownership for our wireless carrier clients as well as solving zoning challenges which may encumber 4G network deployments,” Pinter said. “We are excited about managing this deployment for highly innovative tower company Vertical Green, and following this proof-of-concept stage, we will explore advancing our relationship with Helix into a full rollout.”


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