Danish family run home with one turbine

THISTED, DENMARK - For anyone considering wind power as a viable source of energy, the Jeppesen family from the Thisted area in northwestern Denmark have shown just how productive it can be, with a 18.5m (60ft) tall wind turbine in their back garden.

Despite being a family of seven, even their above-average power requirements have been sated by one wind turbine in their back garden - so much so that they only use about half of the 35,000 kilowatts generated each year.

The turbine is mounted not on top of an expensive moulded plastic stand, as with many industrial-sized machines, but a metal structure which is similar to an aerial mast or pylon.

An integrated ladder running up its side makes the turbine easily accessible should there be any maintenance or tinkering to be done.

Although it cost a touch over €40,000 to purchase and install, father Hans Chresten Jeppesen estimates that the investment will be recouped in less than 10 years, and that the surplus electricity is enough to power up to seven other families.

Mr Jeppesen sourced the turbine, tower, and equipment from Gaia Wind, one of many wind energy manufacturers to be found in Denmark. Industry giants Siemens, Vestas and LM Glasfiber all have operations based there, and through the use of renewable energy the country has cut its dependancy on oil from 67% to 39% since 1980.


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