Houston launches EV charging stations

HOUSTON, TEXAS - Houston unveiled the pilot launch of a series of 10 networked charging stations for plug-in electric vehicles for public and city fleet use.

Coulomb Technologies provides the first networked charging stations for plug-in electric vehicles in Houston. Richard Lowenthal, the company's chief executive, said he expects the fleet of city and public electric vehicles to grow significantly.

"Houston is sending an important message to its residents that alternative fuels are on their way, and the infrastructure to power these vehicles is available," he added.

Coulomb Technologies' networked charging stations, called ChargePoint Network, allow users to get text or e-mail messages when charging is complete. The network also provides a map of unoccupied charging stations and requires authenticated access to eliminate energy theft.

The charging stations are part of a program funded by Reliant Energy to highlight the use of plug-in electric vehicles. Reliant and Nissan signed a recent agreement to establish Houston as a launch city to advocate the use of electric automobiles by the U.S. public.

Reliant said that by adding a network of charging stations dedicated to electric vehicles, Houston could lead the way in zero-emission automobile usage.


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