Beijing replacing home coal furnaces

BEIJING, CHINA - A seven-year Chinese program to replace coal furnaces with electric heaters in 160,000 homes in downtown Beijing has been completed, utilities officials said.

The Beijing Electric Power Co. said it invested $1.3 billion to update heating in households with ancient courtyards in the historic and cultural downtown areas, Xinhua reported.

The action could help to reduce sulfur dioxide emission by 190 tons and carbon monoxide emission by 10,000 tons during the heating season ending on March 15, Liu Wei, a Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau official said.

Beijing has undertaken various measures to reduce pollution during the winter season, including relocating high pollution-level companies and shutting down coal-fired boilers or converting them to natural gas use, Xinhua reported.

Beijing's air quality this year has been at its best in a decade, Beijing's environment authorities said in September.


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