Areva supplies expertise to smart grid project

REDMOND, WASHINGTON - The Department of Energy recently announced the $178 million Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project was one of 16 regional smart grid demonstration awards to be funded in part by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

Areva T&’s Network Management Systems unit in Redmond, Washington, is a technology and vendor partner on the Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project team being managed by Battelle whose purpose is to expand upon existing infrastructure and test new smart grid technology with up to 60,000 customers in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming.

Using Smart Grid technologies, the study will test new combinations of devices, software and advanced analytical tools that enhance the power grid’s reliability and performance.

Specifically, Areva T&D will supply its Smart Grid technology through its e-terraplatform and e-terramarket products to manage renewable energy assets (bulk and distributed energy resources) in real-time and to create real-time dynamic pricing for utility participants.

Additionally, Areva T&D is working with multiple utilities and regional transmission organizations that received U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) funding from Smart Grid Investment Grants in October as part of the ARRA, and will deploy advanced Real-Time Situation Awareness, Online Stability Solutions (based on Phasor Measurement Units) and Integrated Distribution Management Systems.

Areva T&D’s Smart Grid solutions are focused on enhancing grid reliability and network stability to prevent blackouts, enabling large scale renewable and distributed energy resources, reducing environmental impact by increasing energy efficiency, enabling utilities to operate their assets closer to the limit, reducing equipment losses and optimizing generation and demand response portfolios.

Ruben Lazo, Sales Vice President of Areva T&D’s Americas Region, said, “Areva T&D is already the world leader in Network Management Systems. Being part of the Northwest Smart Grid project team is one example of how we’re building on our energy industry expertise and experience to satisfy our customers’ demands and stay at the forefront of the Smart Grid arena.’’

Michael Atkinson, Managing Director of Areva T&D’s Automation Business for the Americas commented, “Advanced visualization coupled with an open architecture and standards-based (IEC-CIM) platforms are our strengths in supporting new requirements for smarter grid management. We’re proud to be part of the Northwest Smart Grid project and see it as an opportunity to work together with local Pacific Northwest utilities to advance their Smart Grid implementation.”


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