Ohio couple awarded $54,000 in lawsuit against AEP

HOCKING COUNTY, OHIO - A central Ohio couple who don't use electric power has been awarded $54,000 in a lawsuit accusing American Electric Power of inappropriately seeking part of their property to build a power line.

A Hocking County jury said Melanie and Charles Ogle are owed the money for the land. The couple says it is worth $75,000. AEP first offered $3,600.

The Ogles, who use solar panels to power their log home, plan to appeal a judge's ruling last year that says AEP has the right to purchase the land.

The couple's lawyer, Ray Michalski, says he will ask that AEP be delayed in taking the land pending the appeal.

The Columbus-based company says it needs the land to string a power line to a telecommunications tower so workers can communicate by radio. Spokesman Jeff Rennie says the company is evaluating the decision.


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