RONA recognized as energy conservation leader

TORONTO, ONTARIO - RONA inc., the largest Canadian retailer and distributor of hardware, renovation and gardening products, has been awarded the Certificate of Recognition for Energy Conservation in Ontario by the Chief Energy Conservation Officer, recognizing RONA's commitment and concrete actions in promoting energy conservation in Ontario.

The certificate presentation took place in the context of RONA's 2009 Spring Show, whose theme "Building Canada's Future" reflects RONA's commitment to sustainability. This 63rd edition of the Spring Show, held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, brings together dealer-owners and managers from close to 700 RONA stores across Canada, as well as many of the Company's suppliers.

"Energy conservation is one of the most important actions that anyone or any organization can undertake," said Peter Love, Ontario's Chief Energy Conservation Officer. "RONA is helping the people of Ontario use less electricity by selling energy-efficient products, as well as using less energy in-store. Energy conservation is good for the environment, the economy and employment... and it's surprisingly easy to do."

"At RONA, we believe that Canadians want to adopt environmentally friendly practices, but often lack the information in order to do so," said Normand Dumont, RONA's Executive Vice President of Merchandising. "By joining campaigns such as the Ontario Power Authority's Every Kilowatt Counts, we make it easier for customers to adopt eco-responsible practices," he added.

With the objective of being the industry's sustainability leader in Canada, RONA has undertaken a number of initiatives promoting responsible energy consumption. In Ontario, RONA is a major supporter of the Ontario Power Authority's Every Kilowatt Counts energy saving campaign.

Through the program, RONA offers customers discounts on Energy Star products and encourages customers to adopt energy saving practices with the support of in-store information and promotional material.

Earlier this year, the Company launched a new Canada-wide collection program for compact fluorescent light bulbs, allowing Canadians to take their used compact fluorescents to participating RONA stores where the bulbs will be collected for safe recovery and their components recycled.

Last June, RONA announced that it was turning off 75% of all demonstrator lights on display in its in-store lighting departments, leaving only one item in four turned on full time. This new measure was intended to reduce in-store energy consumption across all Canadian points of sale. In addition, the lamps on display in RONA stores use compact fluorescent instead of conventional incandescent bulbs. RONA stores in Ontario and across the country benefit from lower electricity bills and air-conditioning costs, while helping to conserve our natural resources.

Last July, RONA held an Ontario-wide campaign to recover used air conditioning units. In addition to making an eco-responsible choice, customers who brought in their old air conditioning units benefited from a discount on a new Energy Star room air conditioner. Old room air conditioning units were recovered in an environmentally safe manner to ensure that the ozone-depleting substances they contain were properly disposed of.

All materials and substances contained in old air conditioning units recovered at RONA's stores were processed and recycled at a supplier's facility.

Finally, on July 1st, RONA became the first retailer to recover paint in Ontario as part of the new Municipal Hazardous or Special Waste (MHSW) Program Plan. Left unrecovered or disposed of improperly, old paint could pose a threat to the environment. By promoting the recovery of paint products, RONA is providing Ontario consumers with an economical and ecological alternative to burial in landfills or incineration.


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