Hydro Ottawa issues one millionth bill using Smart Meter technology

OTTAWA, ONTARIO - Hydro Ottawa has produced one million electricity bills using data obtained wirelessly from Smart Meters deployed throughout the City of Ottawa.

The milestone comes just two months after Hydro Ottawa won the award for Best Advanced Metering Initiative in North America by the Utility Planning Network (UPN). The UPN Utility Peer Award Program recognizes exceptional metering initiatives by utilities from around the world, with an international panel of professional industry judges.

Proceeding on schedule and with installation costs (per unit) among the lowest in Ontario, Hydro OttawaÂ’s Smart Meter program represents the largest operational Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) network in Canada, with 230,000 Smart Meters delivering data to Hydro OttawaÂ’s Customer Information System (CIS) on a daily basis.

Innovative AMI technology eliminates manual readings and enhances the services provided to customers with quick and seamless occupant changes and the ability to read customer meters without accessing their homes. In total, more than 247,000 Smart Meters have been installed throughout Hydro OttawaÂ’s service territory since 2006.

“The production of our one millionth electricity bill using AMI readings embodies the determination and hard work of our employees, and positions Hydro Ottawa as a leader in advanced metering,” says Rosemarie Leclair, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Hydro Ottawa Group of Companies. “Capturing consumption data from our wireless Smart Meters ensures that when time-of-use rates are implemented in the province of Ontario, Hydro Ottawa and our customers will be ready.”

OntarioÂ’s Smart Meter initiative is designed to encourage more efficient use of OntarioÂ’s electricity supply. The Government of Ontario has passed legislation requiring the installation of Smart Meters across the province by the end of 2010.


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