China and Russia to build fast neutron reactor in China

BEIJING, CHINA - As part of the cooperation documents in the energy sector signed between China and Russia, China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) signed a memorandum of cooperation with its Russian counterpart, Rosatom Nuclear Energy State Corporation regarding the expansion of two units in the Tianwan Nuclear Power Station as well as the construction of a commercialized fast neutron reactor.

The energy cooperation is an important part of the China-Russia strategic partnership of cooperation, and the two nations should deepen energy cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit. Both sides agreed to support cooperation in oil and gas, including long-term trade of crude oil through the construction of oil pipelines, the upstream and downstream cooperation in petroleum fields, natural gas supply and the establishment of natural gas processing and chemical enterprises, as well as the sale of related products to each other and other countries.

Both sides will further deepen the cooperation in the electric power sector, including projects in the first stage for power supply between China and Russia, and the resumption of the sale of electricity from Russia to China. Meanwhile, both sides will continue to cooperate in the nuclear power sector in areas such as the construction of a uranium-concentration factory, survey and exploiting a uranium mine, fuels for nuclear power stations and fast neutron reactors, post-processing of spent fuel and the circulation of nuclear wastes.

The Russian BN-80 fast neutron reactor is one of the most advanced fourth-generation nuclear reactors in the world. However, production has been stalled since 1989.

Following the rising national power in Russia recently, the country is planning to restart the scheme, building the reactor into a cornerstone for its nuclear power development strategy in the first half of the 21st century.


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